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  • The Development Cyber Monday in Recent Years


    Cyber Monday gets bigger and bigger every year and the online sellers offer more and more discounted goods.

    On Cyber Monday in 2010, about 100 million American people shopped online, increasing by 10.8% than the number in 2009. Retailers advanced the time of their promotions. BestBuy.com, Wal-Mart.com, Staples.com and other major online retailers advanced their Cyber Monday sale a day earlier. So those who were too busy visiting friends to go shopping online didn’t need to worry. Moreover, about 7 million people did the online shopping through their phones.

    On Cyber Monday in 2011, according to America National Retail Federation, the most popular online retailers in America were Amazon, Wal-Mart and BestBuy. More and more people chose to buy things online at home on Cyber Monday, instead of queuing all night for discounted goods on Black Friday.

    On Cyber Monday in 2013, according to some press, the total online sales volume reached 1.8 billion US dollars, increasing by 13.1% than the volume in 2012. 

    Though more and more people prefer shopping online than queuing before entity shops, Black Friday is still the craziest and the biggest shopping day. 

    With the development of online purchase, maybe one day in the future, Cyber Monday will pass Black Friday to become the craziest shopping day.

  • About Cyber Monday


    With the development of online shopping, the term Cyber Monday has become more and more popular in recent years. The Monday means the first working day after Thanksgiving Day which falls on the fourth Thursday in November, and most employees also take the Friday off, so they have a 4-day holiday. As

  • Cyber Monday Shopping


    Cyber Monday simulates customers to shopping continuing after the black Friday. It is nominated formal shopping day. There are many family would like to shopping on the weekday, Monday. Because of black Friday is not enough to satisfy their demand. During the Thanksgiving, even though they have holi

  • Cyber Monday Best Hour


    Cyber Monday now mainstreams and was one of the biggest shopping days during the holiday season.  As we review the Cyber Monday sale products are welcomed by buyers. Go to the Amazon page, you can view the Coupons and Time Deals. The product has up to 40% off cash privilege. Some of them up t0

  • Cyber Monday and Black Friday


    Cyber Monday refers to the Monday right after Black Friday and it is the biggest online shopping day in a year for American people. In this day, most online sellers offer goods with pretty large discounts.

    The term Cyber Monday originates from 2005 when sellers in America foun

  • Shopping online on Cyber Monday


    Cyber Monday is the Monday immediately following Black Friday. Cyber Monday is international shipping day which was created by marketing companies to persuade people to shop online. The widespread of Cyber Monday markets has covered all other the world with the economic and technology fast developme

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